Last year December, I posted a blog “Boost Annual Daylight Simulation Process” with a new grasshopper component “ReadAnnualResultsIII” that is able to improve the postprocessing speed for the annual daylight simulation. With that component, we are able to get the results about 5 – 8 times faster than “ReadAnnualResultsI”.

I just reviewed the code, and included the parallel processing to even boost the speed. From my test file (screenshot below), it is able to have a speed of 18x faster than “ReadAnnualResultsI”.

Download the example file: ReadAnnualResultsIIIv2



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  1. Byron Reply July 27, 2017 at 8:31 am

    Mingbo Peng, I played around with your code and added some options for time range and also full daytime assessment.

    This is my first time working with C# so I hope my code is not that terrible.

    Let me know what you think with the additions. I also want to add an option for period selection.!ArLVMpyClVoHh40RGFJOAUHxqr_vWA

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