09/2012-12/2015        Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)
                                      The Golisano Institute for Sustainability
                                      Sustainable Architecture 
                                      Master of  Architecture

09/2008-07/2012        Zhejiang University of Technology (ZJUT)
                                      Department of Environmental Art Design
                                      Art Design (Architecture and Interior Design)
                                      Bachelor of Arts

Project Experience

05/2011-06/2011        Design of History Room of Hangzhou Yucai Primary School
                                      Advisor: Chen Wei (Associate Professor)

05/2011-06/2011        Anhui Cuisine Museum Design
                                      Advisor: Chen Wei (Associate Professor)

12/2010                       Cangnan Central Area 33-6 Land Architectural  Design
                                      Advisor: Chen Wei (Associate Professor)

09/2010-Present        Preservation and Remolding of Fotang in Zhejiang
                                     Advisor: Chen Wei (Associate Professor)

08/2010-10/2010      Remolding of Fuyang City 320 National Highway
                                    Advisor: Fang Zhenjun (Lecturer)

06/2010-07/2010      Design of Hangzhou East Railway Station
                                    Advisor: Chen Wei (Associate Professor)

05/2010        Founded and participated in several scientific project groups, including scholarship assessment system, system for Party founding, the establishment of Home for Party Members, campus cultural facilities remolding, and acquired some good results

01/2010        Assistant, Wenzhou Longwan District Urban Utilities and Landscaping Bureau

Awards & Honors

01/2014        Vice President of AIAS-RIT

07/2013        AIA New York State Student Award

01/2013        Member of American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS)

02/2011        Member of China Designers Association

01/2011        First Prize in the 2nd Annual Fine Art Works Exhibition of Chinese Art Universities (only 9 throughout China)

2011             Third Prize in Creative China • The 5th National Design Art Competition

2010-2011    Second-class Scholarship awarded by ZJUT

2010             Entry Prize in “East & West” International University Students Poster Biennial

2010             Entry Prize in Global Kan Tai-Keung Design Competition

05/2010        Outstanding League Cadre of College of Art

06/2010        Bronze Prize in Art Exchange Exhibition for College Students between Two sides of the Taiwan Straits

2009-2010    Second-class Scholarship awarded by ZJUT

2009             Best Photography Award in Global Innovation Tournament launched by Stanford University (115 teams in total)

2008-2009    Third-class Scholarship awarded by ZJUT


Painting                                    Architecture Design                           Parametric Design

Web Design                            Graphic Design                                  Ceramic

Photography                            PHP & MySQL                                   Landscape Design

Video Editing                          ASP                                                     PC Desktop Programming


Dreamweaver                      AutoCAD                                            TSpline                                             Microsoft Office

Photoshop                            Revit                                                    Podium                                            EclipsePHP Studio

Illustrator                               Ecotect                                                Keyshot

Indesign                                Rhino                                                   E Language

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