Two biggest online digital design training website are very useful to a design major student, but it not free and there is no discount for college student.

The majority college that has design major has purchased the site licence for their students. (Take RIT as an example)

Step 1: go to college library website, and find online database. 

Click here

       Here are two results of database searching.

Step 2: access to these websites.

 For on-campus student, you can click directly and have full access to those.
      Digital Tutors:  has to sign up an account with your RIT email address .
      Lynda: don’t have to do any thing, just click: This Link

 For those living off-campus, you need download VPN software, click here. Install Cisco AnyConnect VPN client and log in with your RIT account. (VPN address if needed :


      After successfully connected, you would have full access to those websites just like on-campus.
       Do the same steps as on campus.

Suggested courses. 

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