How to use export data and images from grasshopper, and upload to Design Explorer

0. install ladybug for grasshopper (need to use “captureView”, and “fly”)

1. creat a folder for exporting imgs from Rhino-Grasshopper (Folder’s name shold not have space, should be one word)

2. creat a slider-controled model in grasshopper
example here: x-y-z box

3. figue out inputs and outputs
example here: input:x,y,z;
output:total_length,total_area, total_volume

4. Fly…….

5. copy all data to excel, change links, and save as CSV file
watch video: (search “design explorer image” in youtube )

6. upload images (because of time, I only uploaded a few images for demo)

7. upload CSV file to Design Explorer

Happy Exploring!

Demo Grasshopper file link: DesignExplorer_demo

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